World Trade Centre Edmonton


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Contemporary photos copyrighted by James Dow AAA (Hon.) RAIC RCA

This new commercial project was completed in Summer 2004. David Murray worked in association with HIP Architects at the time and was responsible for the building designation as a municipal historic resource and the exterior restoration of this magnificent modern-era office building constructed between 1951 and 1954, replacing an earlier bank building. The original architects were Arthur J. Everett (staff architect for the Imperial Bank) and the prominent Edmonton firm Rule Wynn Rule. The building began construction in 1951 and remained a one-storey building for several years partly due to the shortage of steel after the Second World War.

The style of the building could be described as Modern Classical, which is reflected in its symmetry and solid massing with regularly-placed punched windows. The Modern influence is reflected in its greatly simplified classically-influenced detailing and the use of Art Deco-influenced transportation theme bas reliefs in the lower facades.

The building is a great importance to the City of Edmonton and as a Municipal Historic Resource, thus protecting it in perpetuity. The building was purchased in 2003 by the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, which occupies the top two floors. Economic Development Edmonton occupies 3 more floors and there is a restaurant and information office on the main floor. The elegance of this building, with its use of superior quality materials, Indiana limestone and black granite, and its interior materials consisting of several different types of marble, has been revived to serve the downtown as a fine example of conservation and adaptive reuse.

The Team

Client: Edmonton Chamber of Commerce

Prime Consultant: HIP Architects

Heritage Consultant: David Murray Architect