Pendennis Hotel – Artifacts

9660 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton Alberta

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The Project

The project to adaptively reuse the Lodge Hotel rooming house (previously known as the Pendennis Hotel) into a new museum facility for the Ukrainian Canadian Archives and Museum of Alberta (UCAMA) began in 2006. The process to convert the building required that the interior of the historic building be completely removed to accommodate all the new museum functions. In the process of interior demolition, many historical artifacts were found and saved. Because the original building, the 1890s California Rooming House, was simply incorporated intact into the 1910 enlargement of the hotel, there were many very early artifacts dating from the late 1800s and the following decades to the 1960s.

The found objects consist of maps, papers, medicines, cosmetics, tools etc. that one would expect could be unintendedly left behind by hotel management, hotel guests and, later, rooming house residents over the period 1898 to the 1960s.

The found objects were stored at the existing UCAMA building until the museum ceased operations in 2020. I retrieved the artifacts and spent the winter of 2021 researching and organizing them to initiate the cataloguing process. The images in this section depict some of the found objects, all of which are now being housed in the Pendennis Building under the protection of the new building owners. The intent of the owners is to investigate these items for interpretive purposes and place them on display in the building over the coming years for public interest.

2007 Consultants

David Murray Architect and Allan Partridge, Next Architecture