Douglas Manor


1914 – 1942 Douglas Manor Apartments, 10757 83 Avenue NW, Edmonton Alberta

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In 2018, the owner of the Douglas Manor apartment building initiated a Conservation Plan in anticipation of designation as a Municipal Historic Resource (MHR). The building was subsequently designated as a MHR on September 24, 2019.


The building was constructed in or near 1914. It was known as the Zelia Apartments. There were 40 identifiable rooms in the building for the inhabitants. Perhaps it would better described as a rooming house. In 1918 or 1919 it was purchased by the Edmonton Archdiocese and used as the Diocesan Seminary. There is information from the Western Catholic that the building was known as Neuman Hall and used by university students. It is reported to have been the residence of Archbishop O’Leary. By 1923 it became known as the St. Mary’s Home for Boys operated by the Sisters of Providence in conjunction with the Catholic Womens’ League of Edmonton.

In 1941 the building was sold and became known as the Robert Mansion by 1942. At this time it is assumed that there were major interior and exterior renovations to the building to convert it into an apartment building, more or less as it appears today. It is probable that this is when the brick cladding was added to the exterior. Historic photos suggest that the brick was not in place prior to 1941. It is probable that the pre-1942 building was clad in painted cedar bevel siding similar to that which remains today above the perimeter metal cornice.

In 1978, the building became known as Douglas Manor. The current apartments in the building correspond to the number of suites that have been recorded since 1942.

Consultant for the CONSERVATION PLAN

Client: Rois Developments, Edmonton

Heritage Consultant: David Murray Architect