Keillor Stone House and Summer Kitchen Restoration



Whitemud Equine Learning Centre Association (WELCA), 12504 Fox Drive, Edmonton Alberta

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The owner of these historic buildings is the City of Edmonton. In 2021 the city committed to restore the portions of this former residential compound that had not been previously restored, the Stone House and the Summer Kitchen which had been subsequently attached to the 1919 Cabin in the 1920s. The foundations of both these buildings were faulty, causing failure of the unique fieldstone walls. In addition, important building code upgrades were required because these buildings have been converted to institutional use by WELCA.

The Stone House

It was determined that the entire foundation must be replaced. The Stone House was lifted in order to construct new, deeper foundations for a more useable basement. The weight of the building and the supporting steel structure was reputed to be 120 tons. When the new foundations were completed, the house was lowered and both the interior and exterior restoration completed. The failing stone masonry was carefully replaced and accurately reconstructed to exactly replicate the original stone configuration. The wood windows and doors were restored, as were all the interior finishes, after the mechanical and electrical upgrading had been completed. The exterior work included restoration of all the exterior exposed log ends.

The Summer Kitchen

Like the Stone House, the foundation, a concrete slab on grade, was determined to be inadequate, having caused damage to the stone walls. The entire Summer Kitchen was carefully recorded in drawings and photographs so that it could be accurately reconstructed. The entire building was then dismantled and the stones and windows preserved for reinstatement.

After the new concrete slab-on-grade was completed, the Summer Kitchen was completely reconstructed to exactly replicate the original. The masons had carefully catalogued and stored the stones, and using large scale photos, they re-constructed the walls. The log roof had been removed intact and repaired nearby, before being reattached to the new walls.


The Stone House and Summer Kitchen have been designated and protected as municipal historic resources. The repair and restoration of the Stone House and the Summer Kitchen followed the Parks Canada Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada. As can be expected in a careful conservation, the work of this dedicated team of experts is exemplary. These buildings can be expected to serve their new uses long into the future.

The Consultant and Major Contractor Team

Heritage Consultant: David Murray Architect
Prime Consultant: Spectacle Bureau for Architecture and Urbanism Inc.
Structural Engineer: Entuitive
Mechanical Engineer: MCW Hemisphere Ltd.
Electrical Engineer: MCW Hemisphere Ltd.
Civil Engineer: McElhanney
Construction Management: Delnor Construction Managers
Masonry: Scorpio Masonry
Historic Carpentry Windows and Doors: Peter Caron and Bryan Webb
Historic Carpentry Windows, Doors and Logs: Perma Seal Windows and Doors Ltd.